Thursday, 28 June 2012

Setting Analysis - The Attic

The attic in Anubis House is the highest and most sinister room in the house. It is medium sized and round in shape and home to many insects and vermin. To the right of the room there is a small stained glass window which has great use during the end of Season 2. The attic is accessed by a stairwell which is kept under lock and key by Victor and is strictly forbidden to students. The attic is dark and has a very eerie and ghostly atmosphere. The attic's primary use is a storage room and is filled with old and unwanted furniture and rubbish. 
   During a midnight feast in which the Anubis students ventured up to the attic on their first day back at school, Amber Millington discovered a historic child's doll house. Thinking that it was pretty and "that she always wanted a doll house" she brought it back to her dorm room with no idea that it had a mystery to it.
   The attic has two secluded storage areas, invisible to the naked eye. One of them is a small cupboard which is only opened by Nina's locket is used to store the Cup of Ankh. The second is a small room with a portrait of Sarah Frobisher Smythe. Nina uses this room to hide from Victor numerous times. Apart from the Sibuna gang, everyone is oblivious to these areas. 
     During season 2, Trudy decides to clear out the attic, making it suitable as a bedroom for a visiting student's relative or a new member of staff. Vera then occupies this bedroom.  

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