Thursday, 28 June 2012

Season 3 - What We Expect

Okay House of Anubis has finished for another series... But now with Nathalia Ramos (Nina Martin) has finished her acting career for some time due to school related issues, we can only hope for a new protagonist to the series. With the reassuring thought of Rufus Zeno and Senkhara being vanquished, we already know that season 3 will be quite eventful.
      The show has also left with a major cliffhanger, with a sly Victor grasping the last tear of gold. Of course Victor will use this final ingredient for the elixir of life, but will our troublesome Sibuna gang get in his way? On the romance front, will Fabian warm up to Joy? Perhaps date her? But soppy romance is never Sibuna's top priority! With Senkhara defeated, will this group of 16 year old's finally lead a normal life? ... But it's  Anubis House and normal - just isn't acceptable.

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