Friday, 2 November 2012

A New Suggestion!

Okay, House of Anubis, is finished for another season. But that's old news. We're expecting Season 3 to commence in early 2013 and we know filming has started over the summer. Great, can't wait! 
         But is there any other TV series to obsess over? Yes! This series, is completely different to House of Anubis and is something you either love or hate. Vampires. Right... You know if you've read Twilight or The Vampire Diaries (and enjoyed them), you obviously like vampires. But if you've never read those books and never thought about the paranormal existence of vampires - your're like me. I didn't hate vampires nor love them. I didn't know much about them, to be honest. They were just the blood sucking, pale creatures that people dress up as on Halloween. And if you know anything about "teen" vampires you automatically link them with love. Because this it what Twilight (and other teen vampire novels) portray a "love" attitude towards vampires, usually where a human falls in love with one, and they are torn between staying a human or becoming a vampire. 
      Okay, but this series is not focused about love. In fact the protagonists are boys and girls. I'd hate to ruin the story by giving you a summary, but I'll tell you "generally" what it is about. Firstly I'd like to warn you that there is a movie to this series. To fully understand the series you should watch it BEFOREHAND. 
    Ethan Morgan and Benny Weir are two geeky freshmen (equivalent to the age of 13/14) endorsed in the world of computers and video gaming. Ethan is not trusted to mind his little sister (due to previous mishaps) and his parents decide to hire a babysitter. Erica, a 17 year old girl obsessed with the movie, Dusk (parody of Twilight) is hired, but later ditches Ethan and Benny to attend a party. Erica is replaced by Sarah, a 17 year old vampire. Sarah is not a full vampire, and was recently bitten by her vampire boyfriend Jessie (main antagonist). Sarah is traumatised as she was bitten and does not like being a vampire as she doesn't believe in drinking human blood. When Ethan and Benny explain the situation involving Erica, Sarah is shocked. Sarah knows that Erica is at a party full of vampires and there is a strong possibility that she will be bitten. Sarah goes to party to retrieve Erica. Ethan and Benny are excited with these paranormal happenings and decide to follow Sarah to the party, later regretting it.
    Will Ethan and Benny be turned into vampires? Will Erica be turned into a vampire? Or will Sarah save her? Will the vampires at the party come at large and try to turn the teenagers of the town into vampires? The TV movie is called "My Babysitters a Vampire" and the series under the same name. 
   Its just a suggestion, its not your typical vampire movie. You should watch it, and see what you think. It might be a little more "current and modern" compared to House of Anubis. For example these teens attend a normal school in a normal town where you would think vampires wouldn't exist. It largely includes "Dusk" (parody of Twilight) to make vampires as popular as they are in real life and to make the story as real and believable as possible. 

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Setting Analysis - The Attic

The attic in Anubis House is the highest and most sinister room in the house. It is medium sized and round in shape and home to many insects and vermin. To the right of the room there is a small stained glass window which has great use during the end of Season 2. The attic is accessed by a stairwell which is kept under lock and key by Victor and is strictly forbidden to students. The attic is dark and has a very eerie and ghostly atmosphere. The attic's primary use is a storage room and is filled with old and unwanted furniture and rubbish. 
   During a midnight feast in which the Anubis students ventured up to the attic on their first day back at school, Amber Millington discovered a historic child's doll house. Thinking that it was pretty and "that she always wanted a doll house" she brought it back to her dorm room with no idea that it had a mystery to it.
   The attic has two secluded storage areas, invisible to the naked eye. One of them is a small cupboard which is only opened by Nina's locket is used to store the Cup of Ankh. The second is a small room with a portrait of Sarah Frobisher Smythe. Nina uses this room to hide from Victor numerous times. Apart from the Sibuna gang, everyone is oblivious to these areas. 
     During season 2, Trudy decides to clear out the attic, making it suitable as a bedroom for a visiting student's relative or a new member of staff. Vera then occupies this bedroom.  

Season 3 - What We Expect

Okay House of Anubis has finished for another series... But now with Nathalia Ramos (Nina Martin) has finished her acting career for some time due to school related issues, we can only hope for a new protagonist to the series. With the reassuring thought of Rufus Zeno and Senkhara being vanquished, we already know that season 3 will be quite eventful.
      The show has also left with a major cliffhanger, with a sly Victor grasping the last tear of gold. Of course Victor will use this final ingredient for the elixir of life, but will our troublesome Sibuna gang get in his way? On the romance front, will Fabian warm up to Joy? Perhaps date her? But soppy romance is never Sibuna's top priority! With Senkhara defeated, will this group of 16 year old's finally lead a normal life? ... But it's  Anubis House and normal - just isn't acceptable.

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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to the Jackal! My great apologies are to all my viewers, for the interruption, pause of blogging and deletion of blog archives... On the bright side our new look is up and running! As usual, blogging will continue and we ensure that we provide you with all the insights of House of Anubis! 
   The Jackal